How Long Can a Car Vinyl Wrap Last For

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Published: 24th January 2013
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When considering a vinyl wrap for your car you must ask just how long the wrap will last for, whether it will be needing replacement and how to make it last as long as is possible. Because it's a vinyl product instead of a paint product, it doesn't get painted on the panels of your car but only adhered to the existing paint coat. Realistically this could cause you to assume it wouldn't be as durable as paint. When researching the readily available vinyl products you instantly notice that each supplier provides their own individual manufacturer's warranty, typically the warranty is 7 years. The warranty will cover you for all peeling, fading and fractures which have not ended up the effect of individual fault.

The 7 year figure is based on the minimum period of time the manufacturer views the vinyl lasting prior to showing indications of wear. Whilst that's said however, 7 years is not a term that you should assume the vinyl to last for as it will last significantly closer to 10 years without indication of wear with basic care. By applying exactly the same treatment as you might to a painted finish, the vinyl really should continue to be looking fresh beyond ten years.

So if the product is predicted to last approximately 7 - 10 years you have to consider how that compares to a paint job and even more importantly how that may affect you if you choose to wrap your car. As compared to the average 15 year life expectancy of a painted finish prior to discoloration, wear and splits become obvious, vinyl wrapping appears to be considerably less durable. Taking into consideration the cost of a paint re-spray when compared to vinyl wrapping nonetheless shows us that for the money, vinyl is extremely affordable. With an entire body paint re-spray on your standard sized vehicle costing double the amount as a vinyl wrap, those additional few years of life achieve by paint become obsolete. Bare in your mind that a re-sprayed vehicle will in most cases effect re-sell value by lowering it, so your overall cost can be beyond that required to get the spray finished on its own. A wrap is easy to remove at any time hence if perhaps you sense it is effecting your resell value, you can have it removed to eradicate that issue. Since the vinyl layer acts as a protective cover for the existing paint coat then when removed the same quality paint job can be uncovered.

If you are still not certain that a vinyl wrap can be a more than viable alternative option to paint then it is crucial that you ask yourself exactly how often you switch over your cars. Even though the vinyl has a 7 year manufacturer's warranty, it is quite rare in today's times that you may even hold on to your vehicle for that long. The common duration that an owner holds on to their car for is 3-4 years. Those who choose to hold on their car for longer, tends to be due to paying off the initial purchasing loan. Normally a car will have a 10 year payment term. Whilst the vinyl would possibly not last as long as a paint coat, based on the aspects we have assessed the vinyl should however significantly outlast the period in which you own the car for.

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